While working at a Christian television station, D’Lynn Watts began to dream about telling the stories of ordinary Christians in authentic relationship with Jesus both inside and outside the walls of a church.  In 2007, she created a non-profit organization focused on chronicling the raw stories of everyday Christians advancing the Kingdom of God in extraordinary ways. After meditating on the command found in Isaiah 40:3 to “make straight a highway for our God,” D’Lynn named this new ministry Highways.   She believed, as she does now, that media is a powerful tool to make a straight path to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus. 

In the early years of Highways Ministries, involvement in media created opportunity for friendship and connection with a wide array of ministries and individuals.  Over the years, as relationships organically developed, other ministries began inviting Highways to partner with them and host gatherings of people who also desired to meet with Jesus.

From those beginnings, Highways has naturally grown into a ministry that hosts and leads gatherings, chronicling the move of God in those meetings through audio-visual arts and photography.  We are excited to continue following the leadership of God in the adventures that are sure to come.


One of our greatest joys is helping others find their tribe.  Our events are crafted to give believers the tools and encouragement to find their place of belonging and bloom where they are already planted.  This, in turn, strengthens them to return to their communities and places of worship, with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.


Our passion is to bring strength to pastors and leaders, but we are thrilled that our borders go beyond the walls of the church.  Highways Ministries hosts and provides ministry in a variety of settings, including conferences, retreats and homes. We have organized and led multiple events in churches, para-church ministries, camps, and homes in the Kansas City area, as well as in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  Whether in the inner city, suburbs, rural towns and just about anywhere, Highways continues to bring strength to individuals  and bodies of believers. Highways has a passion for proclaiming the true gospel of Jesus by any available avenue, often using media as the means.  In this spirit, Highways has produced two short films and documented the move of God through the Emerging Sound Camp hosted by People and Songs.


In October of 2018, thirty women from both Texas and Missouri gathered with a purpose – to grow in unity and to put muscle behind the concept of activating their faith. They left with deepened friendships, fierce determination and TOOLS to be leaders in all the various roles they fill.

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Our Mission is to breathe life, strength and hope, bring unity and build community in the body of Christ.


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